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Highly Hypothetical Heterodontosaurus by Osmatar
Highly Hypothetical Heterodontosaurus
What would Heterodontosaurus look if it had soft tissue covering its big pointy teeth and beak like the lizards Leiolepis and Uromastyx, had lizard-like lips instead of the more popular (but not necessarily more realistic) cheeks and filamentous integument similar to Tianyulong or Kulindadromeus? Something like this, perhaps.

This was actually inspired by Marc Vincent's blog post on the famous 1978 Nat Geo dinosaur issue at Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. Restoring Heterodontosaurus with lips that hide the famous fanglike teetj may have become unfashionable since then, but what if it's actually what the critter looked like? I'm not sure that it's fully accurate, but sometimes you just have to take things to extremes and see where you end up.
Borsti by Osmatar
I ended up doodling up this little guy while trying to figure out how it might have appeared in life. There may be errors, as I couldn't e.g. find out what the length of the filaments or extent of scales on the legs was.

Juravenator is maybe the only feathered theropod more famous for its scales than its filaments, though it turned to have those as well. Whether it was a basal coelurosaur or something far more basal still remains to be seen. We don't even know what the adults looked like, when all we have is one juvenile.
Deinocheirus portrait WIP by Osmatar
Deinocheirus portrait WIP
The terrible weirdo, a giant sail/hump-backed ornithomimosaur with a skull so strange I had to draw it twice to get the proportions close to being accurate. My brain wouldn't accept what I was seeing. The nostril is still all wrong but I need to take a break before returning to this one.
Dilong paradoxus by Osmatar
Dilong paradoxus
A pencil portrait of the 'imperial dragon,' or more appropriately the little basal tyrannosauroid from Beipiao.

I promised in the comments of Mystery Meat-Eater that I'd draw Dilong next to illustrate what traits apparent from the skull you would probably see in a live animal: the profile of the snout is still unmistakable and the location of the ear gives you a hint of the approximate location of the squamosal. (Obviously there could be soft tissue structures that would mask the shape of the skull further, but even then what you'd see would always be the skull plus everything else.)
Mystery Meat-Eater by Osmatar
Mystery Meat-Eater
This theropod head has been built upon a skull, applying realistic approximations of soft tissue culminating in scaly and feathery integument. Here's what I find most interesting about it: it's not immediately obvious what taxon it belongs to. Unlike with a shrink-wrapped skull, you can't see the clear outlines of the different openings of the skull pressed against the skin, or the number or size of the various teeth. Real living animals don't work like that, and neither would real extinct ones have. For that reason I'm not going to reveal which theropod this is, although I'm sure someone will either be able to guess or figure it out given enough time and effort. 
My recent dinosaur-anatomy related epiphany has forced me to take a good look at all of my past paleoart with a critical eye. Anything I produced many years ago is of course going to be out of date anyway, but I can't turn a blind eye at anything I've done recently, especially things that are still works in progress or intended for eventual publishing. And it's not just supraorbital membranes, I've been way too sloppy with soft tissues in general. 

Let's take an example: my recent Tyrannosaurus portrait. It's not just the brow that I'd fix, but also the ear should be higher up and the lips... the lips are a total mess. While drawing it I tried to wrap my head around the concept of lips that covered most of the teeth in the upper jaw but left some visible similar to the canines of cats, and the result was a half-arsed failure. Now, having finally read Jaime Headden's blog post on overbites (I'm slowly trying to catch up to what I've missed thanks to Diazepam) I realize just how badly I screwed things up. At this point I'd have to redrew so much I'm not sure if it's worth it or if I should just do a completely new drawing.

I feel like maybe I should take a break from the work I had planned on doing and going for something more spontaneous. That means more random doodles and cartoon spinosaurs and less "proper" artwork. I guess I should be glad for anything I manage to produce, though, considering how long my dry spell has been.

As for my ill-being, I managed to eliminate the foods behind my intolerance symptoms, only to realize that said symptoms were preventing something even worse. It seems that as long as the protracted diazepam withdrawal symptoms refuse to abate, forcing me to keep taking a whole handful of pills that mess my body up even further, it's actually preferrable to have an upset stomach.

PS. I got featured in the latest Mesozoic Miscellany at the Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs blog. If you for some reason don't follow the blog already, you should definitely check it out because it's great, especially if you like (more or less dodgy) vintage dinosaur art.
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