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Joschua's Bearded Tree by Osmatar Joschua's Bearded Tree :iconosmatar:Osmatar 37 8 Dinosaur Storybook: Oviraptorosaur by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: Oviraptorosaur :iconosmatar:Osmatar 81 11 Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur ride by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur ride :iconosmatar:Osmatar 58 2 Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur Life Raft by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur Life Raft :iconosmatar:Osmatar 79 7 Dinosaur Storybook: at the Water's Edge by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: at the Water's Edge :iconosmatar:Osmatar 54 9 Dinosaur Storybook: Therizinosaur Encounter by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: Therizinosaur Encounter :iconosmatar:Osmatar 61 6 Dinosaur Storybook: the Forest at Night by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: the Forest at Night :iconosmatar:Osmatar 59 1 Dinosaur Storybook: Cretaceous Dinner Scene by Osmatar Dinosaur Storybook: Cretaceous Dinner Scene :iconosmatar:Osmatar 52 22 Wolf-Face of the Permian by Osmatar Wolf-Face of the Permian :iconosmatar:Osmatar 154 40 Male Tyrannosaurus rex 2.0 by Osmatar Male Tyrannosaurus rex 2.0 :iconosmatar:Osmatar 207 49 DotIA: Glaukops borealis by Osmatar DotIA: Glaukops borealis :iconosmatar:Osmatar 101 15 Draw This Again: Owlosaur by Osmatar Draw This Again: Owlosaur :iconosmatar:Osmatar 73 21 Knuppergeist by Osmatar Knuppergeist :iconosmatar:Osmatar 65 35 It's all internal anatomy by Osmatar It's all internal anatomy :iconosmatar:Osmatar 89 27 Odontotyrannus WIP by Osmatar Odontotyrannus WIP :iconosmatar:Osmatar 70 30 Magestone: Carrion Crawler by Osmatar Magestone: Carrion Crawler :iconosmatar:Osmatar 106 26

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Joschua's Bearded Tree
Exclusively found on a group of small unnamed islands in the Atlantic, Joschua's bearded tree, also known as a Sedum tree, is an interesting member of its genus. Sedums are commonly known as stonecrops, usually low-growing flowering succulant plants. It gets its name from its unique adaptation: rather than relying purely on its roots to extract the moisture it needs, it grows air roots covered in microscopic hairs from its branches and trunk that collect moisture directly from the air. This has enabled it to conquer the driest and most inhospitable parts of its native island. The Joschua's bearded tree can also utilizes these air roots to spread: when a small branch with air roots breaks off and lands in a suitably sunny free spot, the air roots grow into the ground and develop into the roots of a new tree.

This is my entry to Hyrotrioskjan's Spec Challenge #4, which was a botanical one for a change. I had to stray quite far from my comfort zone with this one, because I don't know as much about plant physiology as I'd like, but it was an interesting experiment nonetheless.
Dinosaur Storybook: Oviraptorosaur
An angry oviraptorosaur parent that shoos the main character away from the nest.

I think this illustration still mostly fine, but oh gods what happened to that manus? And where are all the primaries?
Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur ride
The ankylosaurid carries the main character and its three new little friends to dry ground, where they disrupt a pachycephalosaur lek.

I still like the pachycephalosaurs quite a bit, but the ankylosaur is just amazingly awful. I just didn't have enough time to research the anatomy well enough.
Dinosaur Storybook: Ankylosaur Life Raft
After being forced into the river, the main character gets rescued by an unlikely and unwitting ally. Three oviraptorosaur chicks have found themselves in the same predicament.

This one was based on the Scolosaurus specimen NHMUK R5161 (although I didn't know what it actually was back then, as it tended to be labeled Euoplocephalus in books) 
Dinosaur Storybook: at the Water's Edge
The main character watches from a log as herds of big dinosaurs gather to the shore to drink, too afraid to get any closer.

My original intention was to use Saurolophus, but I chose to go with a more "generic" hadrosaur, probably inspired by Shantungosaurus. This is the only image in the book to feature ceratopsians.
Oh my Cat! :omfg: I just hit 1000 watchers today! In the face. With a giant mallet with the words "Watch Me!" on it. Seriously though, I have 1000 watchers as of today, and that's amazing! You're amazing! Wooo! :party:

I feel like this is a MAJOR DA milestone, and because I wouldn't be much of anything without my audience, I want do do something special as a thanks to all of you. I didn't have long to prepare, but I did a redesign of one of my first speculative dinosaurs specially for this occasion, I'm uploading a bunch of old stuff from my dinosaur storybook soom, and I'm opening the comment section of this journal entry as an AMA, which stands for Ask Me Anything in Internetish.

So, if there's anything you wanted to ask me but couldn't find the right place or time, you can ask it here, and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. If you've wanted to know what is my favorite color, or my quest, or the flight speed of an unladen European swallow, this is your opportunity. Ask away!

Anyway, a big thanks you to everyone who has watched me, favorited my artwork or taken the time to write a comment. Even when I don't have the energy or the wits to reply, it's always, ALWAYS appreciated. You are the reason that keeps me going here. Thank you! :blowkiss:


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Hello Osmatar! I adore your dinosaur artwork as it is scientifically accurate and very beautiful. I have a question sir? Will you be willing to help me and a few friends on dinosaur artwork in a wiki for free? Here is the wiki in question:…
I wish you a nice day!
Osmatar Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016   Traditional Artist
First of all, "sir" is a male honorific, and I'm always weirded out when people address me with it. My gender is clearly visible next to my name and country of origin for this reason. Secondly, I sadly am not even able to produce free dinosaur artwork for myself, let alone anyone else. Sorry. :(
ShiroTheSith Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok and sorry for the confusion :(
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Would you like to look at my artwork and see if you could have some ideas on designing dragons, I'll send you a link and then we'll discuss about it.
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