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WIP Lepidian bust
Here's something for everyone who's been asking for more Lepidians (the lizardfolk of Magestone). I originally meant to draw or paint something, but decided that a 3D model would work better in this case.

As should be obvious from this model, Lepidians are very much like their varanid ancestors despite having huge brains, stereoscopic vision and an upright gait. And just like monitor lizards, they lack the musculature for subtle facial expressions. Instead they can change the color of the skin around the eyes, nostrils and lips, as well as the throat. The pale yellow color of this individual suggest a neutral/relaxed state.

Made in Sculptris, including the colors. 
Three Styles for A Feathered Tyrannosaurus
In 2014 I made this sketch of a feathered tyrannosaurus intending to eventually follow it up with a proper illustration. I never did, so when the new Bell et al. (2017) Tyrannosaur integument paper came out, I though it was the perfect opportunity to make use of the concept. I only planned a single quick one, but in the end ended up doing three different variants, because there are so many ways you could coat Tyrannosaurus in feathers even taking into account the areas that seem to have had scaly skin. 

The top Tyrannosaurus still leaves plenty of room for scales, assuming the Wyrex neck patch comes from the ventral side, or doesn't represent an exclusively scaly region. The feathers on the arms and the lower jaw are ornamental, in the latter case exaggerating the size of the already massive pterygoideus ventralis. The middle and bottom individuals show greater reduction in feathers, with head and neck feathers corresponding to what is seen in some tropical birds. What has been retained still offers protection against the sun, and may aid in cooling. Whether tyrannosauroids had feather types that (like neornithean feathers) would have been considerably more effective at protection from overheating than mammalian hair is uncertain, but even small and sparse filaments offer advantages, which is why the seemingly naked elephants are still covered in tiny hairs.

Based on Scott Hartman's skeletal reconstruction of Sue, with facial integument inspired by WitmerLab and Mark Witton.

Bell PR, Campione NE, Persons WS, Currie PJ, Larson PL, Tanke DH, Bakker RT. 2017 Tyrannosauroid integument reveals conflicting patterns of gigantism and feather evolution. Biol. Lett. 2017 13 20170092. rsbl.royalsocietypublishing.or…
Dinosauroid: Reckoning
I wanted to put together a retrospective of all of the incarnations of my dinosauroids. From the start they were supposed to be more anatomically realistic alternatives to the famous Dinosauroid. Sadly, I could not get access to the first one from before 1997. I thought this was still interesting even without that. I have a habit of revisiting old ideas every now and then, so I could probably produce a ton of these (assuming I can still find the original drawings).

The names aren't there to differentiate the designs, I actually named each one differently, and each time ended up regretting the name I had picked. Let's hope Anthropoharpax (or Paranthropoharpax) finally sticks. 
Casuarius, the featherless bird
New skin impressions show the skin of the strange Anthropocene bird Casuarius was a mix of featherless and scaly.

A recently published study looked at all the known skin impressions from the fossils of Casuarius and its close relatives Dromaeus and Struthio to figure out if they had feathers. Previously it was known that Casuarius had featherless wattles on its neck and strange quills thought to be primitive or modified primary feathers on its arms, but there was wide debate on whether the rest of the bird was feathered. Two new skin impressions showing featherless wrinkled skin on the neck and scales on the foot, together from similar patches of featherless and scaly skin on Struthio and a mummified Dromaius lower leg showing scales and scutes, have given researchers the confidence to state that Casuarius together with its relatives were most probably featherless.

The loss of feathers seems to have coincided with evolving giant (for a terrestrial bird) size and be an adaptation for the sweltering heat of the Anthropocene tropics. For such a large animal with a high metabolism the feathers could have been more of a liability, trapping too much of the heat produced by the body of the large avian. To protect the skin on the legs and possibly the whole underside of the animal Casuarius developed hardy scales and scutes. The team adds that it's still possible that some feathers were retained on its back, probably as ornamental vestiges like the quills on the arm. In any case most of the animal's skin was completely naked and possibly brightly coloured.

This is of course a tongue-in-cheek response to all the news articles prematurely declaring Tyrannosaurus rex fully scaly based on the Bell et al. (2017) paper on tyrannosaur integument. I'm not saying it's impossible that tyrannosaurids were predominantly scaly, but it's worth remembering the lesson of the humble Juravenator.
Oh my Cat! :omfg: I just hit 1000 watchers today! In the face. With a giant mallet with the words "Watch Me!" on it. Seriously though, I have 1000 watchers as of today, and that's amazing! You're amazing! Wooo! :party:

I feel like this is a MAJOR DA milestone, and because I wouldn't be much of anything without my audience, I want do do something special as a thanks to all of you. I didn't have long to prepare, but I did a redesign of one of my first speculative dinosaurs specially for this occasion, I'm uploading a bunch of old stuff from my dinosaur storybook soom, and I'm opening the comment section of this journal entry as an AMA, which stands for Ask Me Anything in Internetish.

So, if there's anything you wanted to ask me but couldn't find the right place or time, you can ask it here, and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. If you've wanted to know what is my favorite color, or my quest, or the flight speed of an unladen European swallow, this is your opportunity. Ask away!

Anyway, a big thanks you to everyone who has watched me, favorited my artwork or taken the time to write a comment. Even when I don't have the energy or the wits to reply, it's always, ALWAYS appreciated. You are the reason that keeps me going here. Thank you! :blowkiss:


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